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Tarsaughaun River

'Tarsaughaun' in its original Irish version of the name means ‘mountain stream.’

“Indeed the Nephinbeg range of mountains is I think the very loneliest place in this country, for the hills themselves are encircled by this vast area of trackless bog, I confess I find such a place not lonely or depressing but inspiriting. You are thrown at the same time back upon yourself and forward against the mystery and majesty of nature.”
Robert Lloyd Praeger (1937) 'The Way That I Went'

Praeger’s quotation places the Tarsaughaun River in context. It is a tributary of the Owenduff River and in our photograph it is shown in low water entering the Junction Pool situated above Roger's pool and below the Bridge Pool of Beat Two.

Tarsaughaun River County Mayo

As part of your package the Tarsaughaun can be fished by two Rods by arrangement with our resident Guide.  The Shean Fishery is one bank only; that is the south bank, and it extends for about 2 Kms to just above the swing bridge. The Shean stretch has more than ten recognisable pools, and countless runs depending on water levels. 

The Tarsaughaun is often fished by guests if the Owenduff is dirty or too high, as the little Tarsaughaun usually clears the flood more quickly than the main river. If the Gods are with you, fishing the Tarsaughaun is an unforgettable angling experience. What makes it different is the tumbling water and swirling glides of the pools of this mountain stream.  In many places, it has cut its way through solid sandstone to get access to the main river.

Salmon, sea trout and grilse can be taken in it, most anglers preferring to use a trout rod to enhance the experience. The river begins to fish from mid-May and if there is a run on the river it can be very productive until the end of the angling season.

Tarsaughaun River map


For a sketch map of the Shean fishing on the Tarsaughaun River, please click on the map image to the left