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There are two other waters to fish available to you as part of the Shean Lodge package.

Tarsaughaun River

'Tarsaughaun' in its original Irish version of the name means ‘mountain stream.’ The Tarsaughaun River is a tributary of the Owenduff River and enters the Junction Pool situated above Roger's pool and below the Bridge Pool of Beat Two. As part of your package the Tarsaughaun can be fished by two Rods by arrangement with our resident Guide.

Shean Trout Lakes

The Shean Trout Lakes can be fished by arrangement with our resident Guide. The combined area of the trout lakes is approximately 11.5 hectares. The first Trout Lake is a 15 minute walk from the Lodge.  The other two larger lakes are a further walk south of about 15 minutes, over the bog. The lakes have been stocked with brown trout over many years; some of which are being taken up to 2 kilos.

You can read more about each of these waters by clicking on the tabs below: